Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Vivaldi's Four Seasons by Australian Baroque

This show is Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, performed live, on baroque instruments, as Vivaldi would have heard it himself!

Under the direction of Artistic Director and violinist Helen Kruger, Australian Baroque presents an awe-inspiring program for string orchestra, performing the well-loved fiery works of Vivaldi.


“High strings swooned over fretting chords, zephyrs of sound caressing the hall, enthralling all. More tuning of the historical strings seemed only to melt further the barrier between stalls and stage before Summer arrived with sunshine and tempest in equal parts. Barely there and stately in the onset, the ensemble erupted into the drama of baking rays and shimmering thermals, ennervating high noon pursued by energetic flurries and clouds of a gathering storm”. – THE WEST

Each concerto of The Four Seasons is prefaced by a reading of a sonnet, presumed to be written by Vivaldi, which informs the work’s performance. Hearing the poems primes the audience to notice Spring’s chirping birds, Summer’s thunderstorms, Autumn’s great hunt and the skittering ice of Winter” – SEESAW MAGAZINE 

“The ensemble’s tight knit virtuosity” – SEESAW MAGAZINE

“…an exceptional performance, brings a new perspective to an old favourite” – SEESAW MAGAZINE

Shows On The Go

CircuitWest is excited to present Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as part of Shows On The Go 2024.

Shows On The Go is a touring program funded by the state government to bring professional performing arts productions to regional and remote Western Australia. You choose the shows you want for your community, and CircuitWest will work with you to create a successful tour.


September 17 - October 29 2024


Classical and Traditional Music, Contemporary Music


Families and enjoyers of classical music.


1 hour

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2 hours


$3,000 + GST

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