Workers’ Compensation – Some Helpful Tips

Workers’ compensation, also known as ‘employers indemnity insurance’, is a policy that allows for employers to have the costs insured from an injury or fatality to employees that occurs in the workplace.

Governance working for you

Good governance is important for every business from the Fortune 500 companies to the not-for-profit (NFP) local sports club. It is what turns the group of people coming together from a collection of ideas and intentions to a focused group working towards a common goal.

Volunteer Charter

Volunteering plays an important role in regional venue management.

Write your Own Policy and Procedure Manual

Sometimes it can feel daunting trying to figure out where to start with creating policies and procedures in the workplace however, creating a manual mostly is about formalising the way that you probably already do a job or task and if working with others is about coming to an agreed position on how things need to be done in your organisation.

Insurance Tips and Considerations

Accidents can happen at your Arts Centre/Theatre and its important you understand your ‘liability’ or legal responsibility to compensate for damage or injury to people and property. This document is intended as some items for consideration and should not be taken as advice without speaking to a professional insurance broker.

Risk Management in the Arts

Risk Management for businesses is the process of identifying risks, planning on ways to mitigate/reduce the risk and ensure that they are able to operate effectively within their identified parameters.