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The Interchange –   to give and take mutually; exchange

As we finally chart a course away from the death spiral the industry has been in since the start of the pandemic, WA Showcase 2023 will ask of you to talk and listen to each other to create a way forward in performing arts.

We’ll be asking what producers and presenters really want, and we’ll exchange ideas with the best of WA marketers and fundraisers on winning approaches.

Showcase will talk to people who want those on stages and in audiences to really represent what Western Australia actually looks like, and how we can make that happen.

Importantly,  we’ll delve into how to rekindle the flame with essential people who left during COVID and still have not returned.

All of this, whilst the best of WA artists and producers give unforgettable previews of the amazing performing arts that is still being created despite all of the challenges and we will all work to new relationships and plans in the way forward.

Please direct any enquiries to pm@circuitwest.com.au

See you at WA Showcase 2023!