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Sun Runners: Get ready to race around the solar system!

Sun Runners is an immersive, high-stakes adventure that will have kids fighting to save the universe. Through our unique approach to immersive audio, Audioplay and Windmill Theatre Co have created an epic adventure that invites kids to step into the cockpit for the race of their lives.

As well as discussing the wildly entertaining story of Sun Runners, we are keen to chat with presenters about our new delivery modes. We have been developing innovative new ways to work with presenters to share our work
with audiences. We are keen to have further conversations about the practicality of these delivery modes for WA presenters. This feedback will help us tailor our offering to best suit presenter needs.

Find out more about Audioplay here.


Generosity Arts

Dark Corners

Dark Corners presents stories from the past, where they happened, in the words of those who were there, spoken by those who are here now.

The team works with local archives, architecture, performers, historians, and first nations consultants, to create immersive experiences of history, through live performance, lavish soundscapes, and stunning projection effects.

We would like to hear from presenters about the particular ideas, opportunities, challenges, and priorities they might have for commissioning a Dark Corners project.

Find out more about Generosity Arts here.


Humphrey Bower & Libby Klysz

An Imaginary Life

An Imaginary Life is an adaptation of David Malouf’s Australian Literature classic, stripped back for live audiences. It’s adapted with space and sound sitting alongside text- and so the show is completely dependent on its location and community.

We are particularly interested in presenting the work to regional audiences and communities living on the frontiers and fault-lines of a post-colonial society. Where no one looks – the abandoned, the far flung, the forgotten.

We want to find a way to work with communities alongside the project.


Perth Symphony Orchestra

Perth Symphony Orchestra’s GREEN SHOOTS

We are seeking partnerships with other regional presenters, music groups, or cultural organisations who share a common vision for community engagement through the arts. PSO understands that different regions have unique characteristics, such as culture, values, and geography. We recognise the need for flexibility in adapting the program to suit the specific needs and context of each community. By presenting our framework, PSO invites input and suggestions from other presenters and stakeholders to refine and improve the model for future implementations.

Find out more about Perth Symphony Orchestra here.


The Wilding Stories

The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point is a new group-devised story in The Wilding Stories stable. This session is a chance to shine light on our concept and get feedback from regional venue managers, regional artists and funding partners.

Find out more about The Wilding Stories here.