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The subject of a pitch can be one of the following:

  • A tour-ready work

  • A work in development or rehearsal

  • A concept or idea

  • An artist profile

  • A company update

There are a variety of ways you can pitch at WA Showcase.


A Pitch is a 10-minute pitching slot. It is usually a verbal and visual presentation where you can share slides, videos and images with presenters. The Pitch format is most often used to talk about a tour-ready work, but can also work well to describe a work in development or in rehearsal, or a concept or idea that you are working on.

CircuitWest strongly recommends the use of quality video to support your Pitch.

Pitch plus

A Pitch Pitch is a 15-minute pitching slot where you can perform a live excerpt from your show, as well as share slides, videos and images. It is up to you how you use your time and how much of your pitch is taken up with your live excerpt.

Pitch Pluses are best suited to works that are light, nimble, and still look and sound great with minimal support.

WA Showcase is a conference and there will be limited technical and production support available on the day.

Pitch Pluses will generally be scheduled after a morning or afternoon tea break, which means you will only have 15 minutes of onstage rehearsal time. We are unable to offer dedicated spaces for rehearsal at the venue on the day.

We encourage you to apply for a Pitch Plus only if you are confident this is the best way of pitching your work.


This 20-30 minute pitching slot is designed to start conversations and initiate relationships in a small group.

A Ponder is a forum to support creative projects that require deeper discussion, explanation or understanding. It could be devoted to sharing plans for a creative development, starting conversations about a collaboration between artists, venues and communities, or gathering feedback about the best ways to take an idea further.

Ponder sessions are typically delivered in non-performance spaces such as small rooms or foyers and are not offered technical or production support. You are welcome to share handouts or show slides or video on a personal device like a laptop.

While a Ponder is best suited to discussing a work in development or in rehearsal or a concept or idea, you could also discuss a tour-ready work.


An 8-minute pitching slot to profile an artist or provide a company update about strategies, opportunities or programs.

The Profile is a verbal and visual presentation where you can share slides, videos and images with presenters.

You can also tell us that you’d like to present in a different way to one of these formats. Please speak to Maddie or Rebecca at CircuitWest first.