Side Fills

Foldback speakers set to the side of the stage.

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Phantom Power

A way of sending a voltage, usually 48v DC, to a device such as a microphone down the same cable that carries the audio signal from the device. Many sound desks have phantom power facilities built in, or a separate unit can be inserted into the microphone circuit as required.

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See Foldback

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Mixer (Sound Desk)

Sound control desk, used to mix and adjust levels of sounds from various sources. Also known as a mixing desk or mixing console.

Sound Desk

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Line Level

Audio level standard, pre-amplified from microphone level. Usually common to much electronic audio equipment such as CD & DVD players and effects units.

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Graphic Equaliser

Sometimes referred to an an E.Q or Graphic. Advanced audio tone control unit that allows very precise control over the frequency spectrum at a number of centre frequencies.

Graphic EQ

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Sound reinforcement from loudspeakers on the stage or side of stage to enable actors to hear their musical accompaniments clearly, and to hear their own voices when the sound is heavily reinforced for the audience.

Foldback Speaker (this type of foldback speaker is called a wedge)

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The loud squeal produced over speakers when a microphone that is on gets to close to the speakers.

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