House Curtain (House Tabs)

The main curtains between stage and audience, normally placed immediately behind the proscenium.

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House Lights

Lights used to illuminate the area where the audience sits.

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The part of the theatre where the audience sits.

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Front of House

Areas of a theatre on the audience side of the proscenium wall or stage area are called FOH.

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In addition to its normal definition relating to draperies, a term used to indicate the start or end of a performance such as “Five minutes to curtain up” (five minutes to the start of the performance).

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Bleacher Seating

Stepped seating blocks which can be retracted for storage and to clear a flat floor.


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Bio Box (Control Room)

Room from which light, sound, projection and effects are operated. This room is found behind the audience seating area. Sometimes the show may be controlled in a cordoned off area within the audience seating area. It can also be sometimes referred to as “ops”.


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A horizontal rail, usually of wood, used by ballet dancers when practicing.

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