Also known as DMX 512. DMX stands for Digital Multiplex. It is a digital lighting data protocol standard widely used around the world.

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Distribution Board

The electrical panel where incoming mains power is split into individual circuits, via circuit breakers, for distribution through a building.

DB Board

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Electrical device which controls the amount of electricity passed to a lamp and therefore the intensity of the light. Dimmers are normally numbered sequentially, and the numbers shown on the Lighting Design in next to the relevant lanterns. The dimmer is controlled from the Lighting Desk via a low voltage control signal.

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D.I. (Direct Injection)

A direct injection box is used to feed the output of an electronic instrument e.g. a guitar, bass, turn-table or keyboard straight to the audio system.

DI BoxThis image shows the audio signal flow when a D.I. is used.

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A loose term used to refer to an audio or lighting console.

Desks This image shows a lighting desk on the left and a sound desk next to it on the right.


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Thin strips of cloth used to mask cracks between flats.

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Any unspecified fabric hanging in folds as a scene or part of a scene, especially curtaining fabrics such as woolens, velvets etc.

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Portion of the stage closest to the audience. When told to move an item “downstage”, you move it towards the audience.

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