WA Showcase 2022

WA Showcase 2022CircuitWest is delighted to announce the release of the program for 2022 WA Showcase. Besides 30 great pitches from WA best producers we have asked the biggest achievers  in WA and beyond to talk about the many next stages in evolving performing arts. Come along and find out how performing arts people are already solving the biggest challenges.

  • First Nations Focus – where to from here in performing arts?
  • Moving to a digital world  (sometimes kicking and screaming)
  • What does  accessible really mean?
  • How do you really engage people and not just invite them to workshops?
  • Performing arts improves mental health – what can we do to prove this to naysayers?

View this program by following this link to the HOMEPAGE  . Send us an email info@circuitwest.com.au with any questions