Presenter Research Resource For Audience Development

The Search for Audiences handbook is a tool for helping presenters (venues) build audiences. It provides insight into the factors that influenced audiences in the studies conducted, allowing readers to develop their own research and strategies.

Audience Engagement Strategies For The Performing Arts

This resource is a step by step guide to developing your own process and changing how you think about audience engagement. Inspired by New Victory Theatre Audience Engagement Curriculum for presenters who want to blow up their paint boxes and engage audiences in exciting new ways.

Glossary of Marketing Terms

Use this resource if you need to know what some of the specific terms mean, such as key performance indicator and SWOT analysis.

Websites and Online Ticketing

Your website should act as the hub for all your online activity. It’s the place you’ll keep sending people to for information about the events you’re offering and behind the scenes interviews with artists. It should be integrated with your ticketing system so that online ticket purchase is as easy as possible.